Home Made Chicken Soup

We usually have soup for dinner at least once a week. Soup is good to replenish the fluids and re-energize the body. If boiled with chicken or pork, the essence will be infused into the soup and you get all the goodness, sometimes even better than eating the meat on its own. That's because the sweetness of the meat is all contained in the soup.

I boiled this soup with dried longans, wolfberries, red dates and chinese herbs called 'yuk chuk'. A good soup is boiled for at least 3 hours. If you are short for time, try to boil for 2 hours at the minimum. Do you know that soups boiled with charcoal fire tastes better than those boiled with gas fire?

Another tip to stay healthy........try to remove all the skin from the chicken for boiling soups. Fats from chicken or any meat are bad for cholesterol and unhealthy for the heart.

Anyway, here's my recipe.

Half a chicken, de-skinned
10 dried longans
20 red dates
1 small bowl of wolfberries
1 small bowl of chinese herbs or 'yuk chuk'

1. Put a medium pot of water to boil over high flame.
2. Place the chicken into the pot. Remove the residue and excess oil from the pot.
3. Pour in longans, red dates, wolfberries and chinese herbs.
4. Reduce to low flame and boil for 3 hours. Add some water after 2 hours of boiling.


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